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Las Vegas, Nv (November 10th, 2022) – It’s every driver's dream to win a race or to claim a championship title. Well this past weekend at LVMS Bullring and Dirt Track , Cody Brown captured both in an amazing run to stake his claim as a Champion in a national series, The U.S. Legend Cars International and INEX Semi-Pro title. The race weekend started out with one goal, win and you win it all. As the season-long points battle saw Cody’s name consistently at the top of the list, running a smart season is what it would take to accumulate the points to stay on top. He and his team did just that, they traveled, they won, they raced hard as Cody and his team found success at different venues. “Meridian Speedway and Evergreen Speedway are both really fun tracks and it is constant racing always up on the wheel,” he said. “Colorado was also a pretty fun track with how fast it was but out of all the tracks probably Evergreen was my favorite.” Until this season, Cody and his dad had never really thought about travel. “I always wanted to be on top of the list, so I asked my dad if we could go to a track every weekend just to stay on top of our game.”


As it built up to the last race, Cody and his father, Chip were ready but the level of that racing stress was underlying in both. “Not sure how this is going to go,” commented Chip before the event. The tire struggle was real for the 88 car killing Cody’s qualifying times. When the Green Flag waved, Cody was sitting in 18th position and knew he had to race smart. Now that doesn’t always mean to lay back, as he knew, it was go time as he shot to the outside of 3 & 4 he gained track position putting him in the top ten and within a few laps he was in the top 3 ready to battle for the win. He maintained his positioning yet was dancing back and forth trading the lead with a worthy opponent from North Carolina. It was anyone's race yet Cody stood his line knowing what his car could do and pushed it to the limit taking the Checkered Flag winning the Asphalt Nationals Semi-Pro feature. With the win came the tally of points finding Cody on top in the final standings. “Winning that race and the championship felt unreal,” stated Cody. “It was a dream come true, I’ll tell you that it was the one thing I was shooting for right when I hopped in a legend car at the beginning.” He continued, “The National title isn’t just a small deal it means putting hard work into getting to where I am. Not giving up, it feels amazing knowing that I am first in the country and the best semi pro driver of 2022.”


As we knew this takes a team effort, and Cody had made a move to join up with a local team that had shown success in the Legend Car Series. “Racing for Third Gen Race Cars was definitely a different environment. I have guys my age helping out and aren’t afraid to yell at me whenever I’m doing something wrong on the track. They have formed me into a better driver and we have gotten close too, not only friends at the track but also off the track as well.” What does the future hold for this newly crowned champion. “My future plans for next season is hopefully a Late Model but also continue running legends and if anything falls in my direction maybe some other type of asphalt racing.” We encourage fans and viewers to stay tuned to Cody’s website, where there are links to his Social Channels.


His gratitude is his attitude after receiving his accomplishment. “The people I would like to thank are definitely my Dad. He has done everything in his power just to make me happy and me winning is returning the favor. I have to thank all of my friends and family with the ThirdGen guys included, we have grown not only into friends but family.” He continued, “To my Sponsors, I couldn’t have done this without you. Thank you to, Cole at Paul Johnson Drywall, Doug at 24/7 Heating, AC & Plumbing, Brennen & Kenny at Sherwin-Williams Paints, Steve at Danko Enterprises, Chris& Stephanie at Turn 2 Solutions, David at Eibach Springs and Vince at MSI Racing. This is not just for me, but for all of you as well. Your support has meant the world to me, and it brought us to the Championship.”


About ThirdGen Racing:

ThirdGen Racing is a Las Vegas based U.S. Legend Car team headed by Payton Saxton and Parker Heffel. Founded in 2013, the development team has been competitive finding success with several drivers on different tracks on the west coast. For 2022 the team claims the 2022 Pro division and the Semi-Pro division.

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