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Marketing Opportunities:


Marketing with Cody Brown Racing is an adventure in High Speed Marketing, and we take that seriously!

Working with our current, and long lasting partners has been a real business venture. Cody has adapted to Brand awareness from the start and has only grown a respect for his partners, and setting future business goals.


Becoming a marketing partner of a dedicated racing team combined with a well-orchestrated advertising plan needs to be viewed on a long term basis. CBR offers an opportunity for you to enter into a one year program that will begin with the goal of promoting your business at every race we enter, as well as the week leading up to the event, as well as post race updates via press releases, websites and social media.

Having a race car at your Company Parties, Grand Openings, and other such events is sure to draw a crowd. We also offer single race sponsorship opportunities, yet the benefit of longer terms are providing a marketing tool to you, the sponsor. And of course all marketing packages are completely customizable to meet your business' specific marketing goals.

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