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Fav Color: Green


Las Vegas, Nv


United States


Age: 18

Divisions: Pro Late Model / U.S. Legend (Pro)

Team: SPS/3rd Generation Racing


Height: 6‘0"

Weight: 130lbs.

Number: 88

Food: Pizza/Wings

The 2022 Semi-Pro National Champion
The 2022 Nevada State Semi-Pro Champion
The 2020 Las Vegas Bullring Young Lyons Champion

When it comes to Racing, Speed and Adrenaline, it's been his Drive, since he was Five!

Cody was only Five years old when he took to racing dirt bikes. The training at such a young age was critical when it comes to Cody's current rituals. Self Discipline is a main factor then and now, he says. The move from dirt to concrete and asphalt takes a special mind set, with Cody's training his growth in Motorsports has literally been, on the move.

Cody spent time racing TQ-Midgets in Las Vegas, and found himself on the Podium, and that only pushed his drive in the sport. He quickly moved over to the track next door, one track closer to the Big NASCAR and INDY track at the Las Vegas Facility. Racing at a large Motorsports Complex has implemented a true business sense of our sport within, Cody.  As he moved to the INEX Bandolero's he began racing on the 3/8 mile high banked oval, giving the feel of the ultimate goal, NASCAR. The 3 years he spent in the series found great success.

As Cody moved into the US Legend Series, his adjustment to the additional 100 horsepower was to his liking, yet the transition was to come with a major difference than that of the Midgets to Bandoleros. Joining up with TJ Clark's (Spencer Clark Racing Development Team) was the key to a successful move to the Legends. With COVID hitting, the 2020 Season was partly with Fans, and ended without, yet Cody was able to secure the 2020 Track Championship for the Young Lyons division of the US Legend Car Series. The team wasn't going to allow the Pandemic that swept our lives slow down the momentum. And by years end, the Silver State Road Course Series had begun at SPEED VEGAS and Cody was back on track. The experience he learned on the road course at Las Vegas Motor Speedway and Speed Vegas has certainly shown for a better driver on the High Banked Oval, The Bullring.

His drive and passion stem from his Father's love for all forms of Motorsports, but what keeps him going besides the adrenaline and competitiveness, it's the support of his Family keeps him on a heartfelt drive with passion. His 2021 Season found him landing on the Podium several times concluding his Oval Season 5th Over-All at the LVMS Bullring, 2nd Place in State (Nv) in Semi-Pro for the INEX Series.

But there is just no stopping when it comes to racing for Cody. He and his team have set off to the Silver State Road Course Series where in just the first set of 4 double headers, Cody grabbed a double Podium. Cody has joined forces with 3rd Generation Racing out of Las Vegas, Nv. The team lead by, Payton Saxton and Jaron Giannini has shown great success working with Cody and the CBR Team on the road course and had an amazing 2022 Oval Season at, The Las Vegas Motor Speedway's, The Bullring and traveling to other states like Idaho, Washington and California.

The 2022 season ends on the highest of high notes as Cody claimed not only the Nevada State Semi-Pro title, but he claimed the National Semi-Pro Championship as well. The points all came down to the last National event of the year. Winner take all per say and Cody did just that. He started 18th and raced his way up to to the top spot and held his ground taking the checkers for the win and the national title.

For 2023 Cody joined forces with Sigma Performance Services for his Pro Late Model rookie season. The team has the experience and the engineering to propel Cody in this series and he has proven himself with his lap times and performance behind the wheel of the full body stock car. Cody will also make the move up to the Pro Division of the U.S. Legend Car Series this season. With a great start to the year, Cody took the Win in his first Pro Division race of 2023 on February 18th at Las Vegas Motor Speedway's The Bullring.



2022 - INEX: Semi-Pro National Champion

2022 - INEX: Semi-Pro Nv State Champion

2021 - INEX: 2nd Semi-Pro Nevada State

2021 - LVMS: 5th Over-All-Legend Series

2021 - LVMS: 2nd Silver State Legend Series

2020 - LVMS: Young Lyons CHAMPION

2019 - LVMS: 2nd Young Lyons 


2018 - LVMS: 6th Outlaw Bandolero's

2017 - LVMS: 7th Outlaw Bandolero's

2016 - LVMS: Silver State Road Course ROTY

2016 - LVMS: 5th Bandit Bandolero's

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